Google docs add-on to set image size

with this add-on you can precisely set the width and height of an image in Google docs. I had fun creating it and am curious if it will be used…


The programming took some getting used to. The scripts that manipulate the document object model actually run on the server and you need to use a call-back mechanism from the HTML in the browser (the sidebar) to the server-side script. Once that was clear the rest was pretty easy. I probably spent more time on the UI than on the server code. The reviewer gave quick and excellent feedback to make the add-on better. Pretty nice experience.



  1. Thank you for writing this plugin! It’s a big help for images with fine text. If the image isn’t at exactly the right size, the text becomes blurry. I’d love to just have a single button for “set to original size”.

  2. Thank you so much! I needed to resize some graphs for a bio paper and they all had to be the same size, which I couldn’t have done on google doc with out this add-on. Thank you!!!

  3. This is awesome. One thing that would be really helpful is being able to select all images or a set of images in a doc and doing a mass resize. Essentially having the ability to resize more than one image at a time.

  4. Hi! Nice idea! But I’m trying to install it to no avail! I’m able to select it but installation’s window claims that it is not able to find the site from where download the plugin. Please, any idea? Thanks!

  5. Hello Wouter,
    Every time I activate this add-on I get notified several weeks later by Google that there is a “security issue found on your account”. Google says that this add-on has too much of my private data and recommends I disable it, which I have done 3 times now. Out of the 14 add-ons I have installed right now, this is the only one producing this warning messages. Please make the necessary changes to prevent this from happening. Even if this function is very useful, I don’t want to give it access to sensitive documents. Thank you!

    1. thank you for the feedback. I am asking only for minimal access rights, only to the current document so I’m a bit stumped by that Google message. I have sent you an email to see if we can figure out what is going on…

  6. Thankyou so much, this has been one of the most annoying (missing) feature in google docs. You are an absolute legend!

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