talk – 13/5/2021

It was such a privilege to share some thoughts on AI at TEDx. This year was

I would like to thank following people

  • Pablo Roldán – for the Commodore 64 3D model. The accuracy and level of detail are amazing. See his work on ArtStation.
  • Jeroen Denayer – for the super cool animation of C64 model.
  • R. Kikuo Johnson – for letting me use the spot-on “tech-support” illustration that was used as cover for The New Yorker. Take a look at his other work here.

other visuals used:

  • a pencil is heavier than a chicken” – yes, I understand that GPT-3 can now give the correct answer *if* you first prime it with other weight related questions. A human would never need that. cf. here.
  • Turing was …” – I generated this text using GPT-2.
  • Analog computing – IBM analog chip.
  • Charlie Chaplin image – wikipedia – creative commons

talk – 16/9/2020

If you wonder what is next in the evolution towards general AI then this session is for you. We have seen some painful failures of artificial intelligence pointing to a lack of ‘common sense’. Are neural networks really the solution we seek or is a new path needed? Find out what IBM Research is cooking in terms of hardware and software in the never ending quest towards General AI.

talk – 24/6/2020

To ensure continued economic growth and create prosperity, it is crucial for businesses to build a social contract of trust around data-gathering and sharing. The starting point of the debate during this exclusive round table discussion are the findings of the 20th edition of the IBM Global C-suite Study conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value, in cooperation with Oxford Economics. 

We will discuss how you continuously leverage data to build customer trust, create cultures of data-based decision makers and become adept at sharing data with ecosystem partners without giving away competitive edge.

Wouter Denayer, CTO IBM Belgium and Erwin Verstraelen, Chief Digital Information & Innovation Officer at the Port of Antwerp, will moderate the discussion and share their point of view on the findings.

Comedian Bert Gabriëls joins our panel to enlighten the discussion with his unsalted view and with a clear mission to draw serious conclusions.

the website of CIONET…

talk – 28/5/2020

Here are some links to material mentioned during my May 28th talk on the Future of AI for NDR Romania-2020. For more cool stuff follow me on twitter or LinkedIn.

panel CIONET – 29/4/2020

Every crisis is an opportunity in disguise.

The Corona crisis is an opportunity to end wars and to construct a better world for all of us. In business it is a unique opportunity to reorganise our priorities, our processes and our IT.  

What is the impact of this crisis on e.g. our universities, our banks, our government or our service companies? How do CIOs use this opportunity to shine and lead the way into a new and better normal? Let’s talk about that!

see more on the website of CIONET

talk – 8/4/2020

Here are some links to material mentioned and showed during my April 9th 2020 talk on the Future of AI. For more cool stuff follow me on twitter or LinkedIn.