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think oslo

I’m regularly invited to speak at events to talk about AI, and it’s something I really enjoy. In my talks, I strike a balance between the excitement around AI and the real, practical challenges that come with it. I believe it’s important to provide a clear and honest perspective, so people can have realistic expectations and make informed decisions.

My presentations are all about helping teams get to grips with AI. We dive into what it can and can’t do, explore its potential applications, and discuss the hurdles we might face along the way. It’s not just about the high-level stuff – I like to get into the nitty-gritty, giving teams the practical knowledge they need to start applying AI in ways that make sense for their specific needs and goals.

Let’s cut through the noise. Join me in a conversation that prioritizes the tangible benefits of AI, tailored to your specific context, and leaves behind the empty promises. Reach out, and let’s explore what AI can truly do for you.

Below are some of my previous talks and here are some videos.