Software “is eating the world”. Its flexibility and scalability have no limits. Still, as an investor, board member or CxO you have core concerns: is the IT strategy aligned to my business plan? How do I turn Artificial Intelligence from threat into opportunity? And does the team have the ability to execute on the plan?

Let's talk

IT Strategy

How do I challenge the team? How do I align the roadmap to my investment horizon? How do I become ready to adapt to change. Where to focus?

AI Opportunity

How can I create barriers to stop AI powered startups from eating my lunch? Where to start when the AI landscape seemingly innovates at the speed of light?

Ability to execute

Which investments are needed? What is the cost? How to make the team efficient? Are the right people in the right spot? 

We have developed and tested a structured approach to co-create your personalised, 24-36 month, holistic AI plan.

    We bring a proven 6 to 8 week sequence of inspirational pitches, interactive workshops, educational briefings and co-creation sessions.

    You emerge with a detailed, multi work-stream plan, a budget, a risk mitigation plan, a use-case priority setting that is driven by shareholder value, best practices, a legal action plan, a capability improvement plan, all bundled in an actionable comprehensive final report.

    We work at a fixed price, with a predictable time-line, guaranteeing that you receive an actionable, multi-faceted plan to put your organisation on the right AI track.

    From “How Now?” to Know-How!

    We turn management confusion into well informed management action.

    From Hype to Action

    We start by “levelling the playing field”, to make sure that all your key-stakeholders have a common understanding about what exactly AI is.

    Focus on Business Value

    We bring our unique +200 value drivers and discover your AI-gold.

    Recognise and Pre-empt Risks

    We bring our pre-built AI risk registry, so we can pre-empt AI fall-out.

    Assess your Capabilities and Start-to-Grow

    We bring our pre-built capability model, so you can pinpoint the areas of investment.

    Plan and Budget

    We deliver a 24-36 month interactive roadmap, supported by an investment and run budget.

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