Software “is eating the world”. Its flexibility and scalability have no limits. Still, as an investor, board member or CxO you have core concerns: is the IT strategy aligned to my business plan? How do I change Artificial Intelligence from threat into opportunity? And does the team have the ability to execute on the plan?

IT Strategy

How do I challenge the team? How do I align the roadmap to my investment horizon? How do I become ready to adapt to change. Where to focus?

AI Opportunity

How can I create barriers to stop AI powered startups from eating my lunch? Where to start when the AI landscape seemingly innovates at the speed of light?

Ability to execute

Which investments are needed? What is the cost? How to make the team efficient? Are the right people in the right spot? 

With my head in the business and my heart in technology I know what needs to be done to get people, processes and technology in shape.

here is how we proceed

We get to know each other. Everything starts with trust. We need to know we can talk openly and say what needs to be said. Let’s do that now.

We scope the challenge together and determine whom to involve.

With a combination of individual interviews and small group workshops we flesh out the core challenges and define the necessary actions. I bring a proven methodology and extensive experience to the table. As ex-CTO of IBM Belgium and through work with PE firms I know what “good” looks like. I have done this for investors and their portfolio companies in the US, India, and Europe.

We leave no sooner and no later than when the team is on track for success. We jointly determine which shape my continued involvement takes.

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