AI – a blessing or a curse? – TEDx KULeuvenBrussels

talk – 13/5/2021

It was such a privilege to share some thoughts on AI at TEDx. This year was

I would like to thank following people

  • Pablo Roldán – for the Commodore 64 3D model. The accuracy and level of detail are amazing. See his work on ArtStation.
  • Jeroen Denayer – for the super cool animation of C64 model.
  • R. Kikuo Johnson – for letting me use the spot-on “tech-support” illustration that was used as cover for The New Yorker. Take a look at his other work here.

other visuals used:

  • a pencil is heavier than a chicken” – yes, I understand that GPT-3 can now give the correct answer *if* you first prime it with other weight related questions. A human would never need that. cf. here.
  • Turing was …” – I generated this text using GPT-2.
  • Analog computing – IBM analog chip.
  • Charlie Chaplin image – wikipedia – creative commons

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