Since the release of ChatGPT humanity is collectively imagining what a future with AI systems might look like. We wonder what our own place in such a society would be. As is often the case, it required an almost hysterical fear to trigger this debate. Luckily for us this fear is mostly imaginary and vastly overestimated. As we move towards the inevitable phase of AI disillusionment, it will become clear to more people that the limitations of current Generative AI systems are fundamental. They cannot be readily solved. We will understand where the new capabilities can be used easily, where with serious safeguards and where we shouldn’t try at all.

The reason I am strangely happy about the fear is because at least we are now addressing fundamental questions that were already relevant with ‘old-fashioned’ automation but were not discussed enough. For example:

– what does it do to employees when all work is intense because easier work is automated. We already have a burnout epidemic. 😓

– how do we train the next generation of leaders when there is no apprenticeship phase to go through (because it’s automated) 🎓

– what does human-machine collaboration look like and how do make that human friendly? 👫🤖

– can we make machine decision making acceptable? In which cases maybe not? (sentencing?) ⚖️

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