When you engage Jo Coutuer, a seasoned business technologist, and me, an experienced technology strategist, we put your organization at the center of the AI roadmap development process. 🎯

We start by ensuring that all stakeholders in your company have a clear view of what AI can do for your business. We “level the playing field” by clarifying which applications are straightforward, which are hard, and which are simply impossible. That assessment can be counter intuitive. The constant barrage of over-excited announcements surely doesn’t help.

Did you know that generative AI is just one of the many AI tools at our disposal? And that it might not be the best one for what you want to accomplish? Some common reasons to use more traditional Good Old-Fashioned AI are cost, explainability, accuracy and validation. 🛠️

We engage in meaningful discussion and debate, creating a common ground for your organization to build upon as you further refine and professionalize your AI journey. 💡

All this to make sure you can cut through the hype when you decide where to put your money. 💸