On June 26th we were invited to the television interview that the entering Premier of the North-West province, Mr. Supra Ramoeletsi Mahumapelo, gave to talk about his plans for the legislature.

Premier Mahumapelo talking about his political agenda.

the team posing before the television stage


We were also planning to attend the actual State of the Province Address address. We all got up early and were taken to the parliament building but somehow, although we were invited, we did not have the required badges and could not get in. The speech actually mentions the work our CSC team is doing here! This is the relevant passage:

Honourable Speaker, we wish to announce that IBM (ICT Company) will be piloting a programme in partnership with both Provincial Government and the North West University (Mafikeng Campus) to roll-out E-Skilling to the young people in the Province. The project will start in Mafikeng before being rolled out to other parts of the Province.