Here is some exciting news! 🌟 I am beginning a new chapter as an independent IT Strategy Advisor. It’s been quite the journey getting here. The first big leap was leaving the ‘golden cage’ as CTO at IBM to co-found Briteflo. There I really experienced how investors think and what they value. And especially how to pragmatically align a company’s IT strategy to its equity story. 📈

Software “is eating the world”. Its flexibility and scalability have no limits. Still, as an investor, board member or CxO you have core concerns: is the IT strategy aligned to my business plan? How do I change Artificial Intelligence from threat into opportunity? And does the team have the ability to execute on the plan?

Today, I am eager to collaborate with you to create answers to these questions. With my head in the business and my heart in technology I know what needs to be done to get people, processes and technology in shape.

A huge thanks to everyone who’s been part of my journey so far 🙏. Looking forward to collaborate and to share my thinking in keynotes / posts on what is happening at the crossroads of business and technology. There is no limit to what we can learn together!

So, if you’re looking for fresh, actionable IT strategy insights, let’s connect! 🤝🔔

Here’s to new challenges and opportunities! 🥂


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The End is Never Near