Yesterday at FTI SuperNova Barak Obama advocated for ‘smart regulation’ and rule of law. It creates the mutual trust that companies need to do business. It is the foundation for the world economy. Some business leaders in silicon valley are very anti-government. To them he says (I paraphrase): ‘try doing business in a place with a weak government; good luck when the president of such a country tells you to hire his incompetent nephew’.

Closer to home we now have the EU AI Act. It brings clarity for all companies using AI in Europe. I believe this is actually going boost innovation and business because of the level playing field it creates. Nobody really likes compliance exercises but used in the right way they can elevate you to a higher level of competence and quality.

Anyway, these are my musings after an impressive evening and while taking my umpteenth pass through ISO 42001 (Artificial Intelligence Management System).