🎨 The exhibit ‘The End is Never Near’ in Ghent features the works of painter Jan Van Imschoot. The title suggests that the journey of artistic exploration and interpretation is never-ending. In a career spanning decades the artist has demonstrated a relentless quest for growth and exploration.

🔍 In the world of technology and AI, as in art, there is always more to discover, to learn and to apply.

🧩 However, to truly capture AI’s benefits, we must understand the deeper, slower currents of technological change. By connecting the dots you can see through the hype and daily barrage of spectacular announcements. Only then can you articulate a clear AI strategy.

🎭 Drawing further parallels, Van Imschoot’s approach to painting is described as a game of confusion and lies. This topic surely is front and centre in the AI discussion too. It will not be easy, but I am optimistic that we can address this challenge through a combination of education, legislation, and technology.

🌍 “The End Is Never Near” aligns with my view on the world. I do not subscribe to the doomsday thinking that seems so popular. We have everything in our hand to use tech for our benefit, for the benefit of society. It is up to us to realise this dream.

The End is Never Near