That’s a phrase I often hear after IT issues derail promising investments. Here’s the pattern:➡️ Investor puts money in company X, the future looks bright. ✨
➡️ Business results lag behind expectations 📉
➡️ Fingers are pointed at IT/engineering as bottleneck, mentioning issues like technical debt and scalability. 👈
➡️ Then comes the call: “Wouter, can you help us understand and fix this?” 🛠️

Of course, that is what I do. But also…

When you buy a used car, do you just believe the smooth and smiling salesperson? “Look at that beautiful paint, think of how wonderful all your holidays will be!” 🚗✨

“Great, here is my money.” 💸

Or… might you want a peek under the hood as well? 🔍 Just like with a car, investing in a company without checking its ‘engine’ (its IT and engineering capability), can lead to unexpected issues down the road. 🚧

Don’t wait for the inevitable “If only we had known”. Let’s talk about how Technology Due Diligence defines the actions needed for a smooth investment ride.