🚀 As the rumour mill pointing to an end of January launch enters overdrive, here are some of the reasons why the Apple Vision Pro (AVP) will succeed where predecessors have failed. –> update: launch is Feb 2nd!

🔍 Summary: the Apple Vision Pro is an augmented reality / virtual reality headset that will revolutionise the way we interact with virtual and augmented reality. With its cutting-edge technology and Apple’s hallmark quality, it addresses key issues that have hindered previous devices.

🌟Here’s why I’m particularly excited about its imminent launch:

🤢 Nausea has historically plagued virtual reality experiences, often deterring users from fully embracing this technology. The AVP is packed with powerful hardware to address discomfort and disorientation.

  • there will be almost 4K pixels per eye. Never before has such a high resolution screen been used. (Meta Quest 3 has 2K per eye)
  • video will fluid at 90 frames per second
  • colours will be crisp due to the OLED screen (instead of the typical and cheaper LCD)
  • the integration of twelve cameras, five sensors, and six microphones will create unparalleled interactivity and immersion.
  • interaction will be natural through eye tracking and hand gestures (no physical controllers)

📱All of this is possible, like with the iPhone, because Apple controls the hardware (with custom chips) and the software.

💡The software will a big part in the success as well because:

  • existing iPhone apps will provide a gigantic catalogue of apps at launch
  • developers are already familiar with developing in the Apple eco-system

I am looking forward to 3D FaceTime, that will be huge.

💰The Vision Pro will come at a high initial cost ($3500), but with that comes unparalleled quality. It is not targeted yet at the mass consumer market, but rather at companies and early adopters. It is expected that Apple will come with a cheaper, non-pro version in the future. The initial launch will be US only and I for one am excited to get my hands on one once they come to Europe.

Apple Vision Pro headset